TwinCube Speakers FAQ

    Does the sound come out from both speakers?
  • Yes, once the two speakers are synced together, they function as a set of stereo speakers.
    How can I pair the two speakers to each other?
  • A. Press and hold PLAY button on any of the two speakers for 3 seconds
  • B. When you hear ‘Party Searching’, speakers enter pairing mode
  • C. When you hear ‘Party Connected’, speakers are successfully paired
  • D. LED on the primary/left speaker will slowly blink twice every cycle. LED on the secondary/right speaker will slowly blink once each cycle
  • Note: Primary speaker is the left speaker by default.
    Can I use a single speaker instead of two?
  • Yes, you can. Just follow the steps as follow:
  • A. Press POWER button on any of the two speakers
  • B. Find ‘8Bitdo Twin Cube ’ in your device’s Bluetooth setting, click to connect
  • C. LED becomes solid when connection is successful, there will also be a sound indicating that connection is successful
    Can I connect the speakers to Switch?
  • Yes, you can. This can be achieved via the audio cable included in the packaging. Just plug the cable into the AUX IN port on the primary speaker and your Switch.
  • Note: Bluetooth connection is not applicable here.
    Can I put a SD card into it?
  • No, you can not.