Classic Kit and Original Kit FAQ

    Can the Classic Kit and Original Kit be used interchangeably? What are the differences? How can I differentiate them from each other?
  • No, they can not be used interchangeably. The differences include the thickness of the board and the placement of the buttons.
  • When choosing the right kit to buy, please refer to the controller port of your controller:
  • A. The long and flat one is the original model
  • B. The short and narrow one is the Classic model
    What devices are they compatible with?
  • They are compatible with Switch, Windows, Android, macOS, Raspberry Pi as well as all the devices our receivers work with.
  • They will auto reconnect to any device with the press of START once it has they paired successfully.
    How can I upgrade the firmware?
  • A. Download the Firmware Updater from first
  • B. Connect the board to your computer via a USB cable
  • C. Choose the right file for your kit to run
  • Note:
  • a. the cable included in the packaging and the circular port attached to the port are for power charging only.
  • b. be extra careful with power port during the procedure to avoid damaging it.
    How can I charge the controller when modded?
  • The cable included in the packaging and the circular port attached to the port are for charging the battery.
    What should I do if my controller does not charge and there is no LED indication of its charging?
  • A. Open up the controller enclosure with the screwdriver provided in the packaging
  • B. Connect the board to your PC via a USB cable
  • C. LED turns on
  • If there is no LED, it means the power port is damaged
    Why does my SNES original get disconnected all of a sudden?
  • This can be caused by the dust collected around the buttons. Try to clean the START and SELECT buttons thoroughly, this should fix the issue.
    Can I map the buttons? What can I do if I incorrectly mapped the buttons?
  • Yes, you can map the buttons. This is what you can do if the buttons are incorrectly mapped:
  • LEFT + Select : set Dpad as left analogue stick
  • Up + Select : reset Dpad
  • Right + Select : set Dpad as right analogue stick
  • Down + Select : Swap A/B and X/Y mapping
  • *Press and hold any of the key combinations above for 5 seconds to map the buttons.
  • *LED will blink in red to indicate the success of each button mapping.
  • *You need to reset the buttons manually.
    How can I charge my controller after modifying it? How long can the battery last when fully charged?
  • We suggest you use a phone power adapter to charge the battery.
  • It uses a 180mAh rechargeable battery. It takes about one and half an hour to fully and can last for about 10 hours.
    Can I use it as a wired controller?
  • No, you can not. The cable which comes with the board is a USB DC2.0 powering charging cable only.