Arcade Stick FAQ

    What systems does the Arcade Stick work with?
  • It works with Windows and Nintendo Switch.
  • You can connect it to
  • Windows 7 via 2.4g and a USB-C cable;
  • Windows 10 via Bluetooth, 2.4g and a USB-C cable.
    Can I use it with 8BitDo Bluetooth retro receivers and adapters?
  • Yes, you can connect the Arcade Stick to multiple systems with 8BitDo Bluetooth retro receivers and adapters.
    Can I use it wired, via a USB-C cable?
  • Yes, you can use it via Bluetooth, 2.4g and a USB-C cable.
    Does it work with PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series?
  • No, it does not.
    What are the P1 and P2 buttons used for?
    How do I use the receiver? Is it the 8BitDo USB Wireless Adapter?
  • No, it is a 2.4g receiver. It only works with the Arcade Stick which it comes with. Plug in the receiver to your PC or USB port on Switch Dock to use it.
    Is the Joystick 8-way stick or 4-way stick? Square gate or Octagonal gate?
  • It is a 8-way stick with square gate.
    Does it work with Mac?
  • No it doesn’t. You can connect it to Mac through 8BitDo USB Wireless Adapter.
    What tools do I need to modify the Arcade Stick?
  • You need a T10 Torx screwdriver and a Phillips screwdriver.
    How do I charge the Arcade Stick? How long does it last when fully charged?
  • We suggest you charge it via a phone power adapter with the USB cable which comes with the Arcade Stick.
  • The Arcade Stick uses 1000mAh rechargeable battery pack with 4 hour charging time.
  • The battery pack can last up to 30 hours via Bluetooth connection, 40 hours via 2.4g connection.